Becoming a Certified Marketo Expert

I'm Luis, a Marketing Consultant and "Technologist" at Nextscape.
In September of this year I became Marketo Certified, so I'd like to take you through my experience with the examination process.
First of all, I live and work in Tokyo, Japan and everything I do is in Japanese. I keep Marketo in English for my own convenience when working. This presents it's own challenges when it comes to a Marketo project, because the terminology used in both languages can differ.
Please bear in mind that I offer my advice as an English speaker and took the test in English! 
Points 4 and 5 offer suggestions for those without a strong hold of English.



1) Use Marketo frequently! 頻繁にマルケトを使おう!

Becoming Marketo Certified is not a particularly difficult process if you are using the software day-in-day-out.

Many questions focus on how one might go about implementing a particular action with references to specific features by name, which would make life difficult for those without experience using the tool.


If you aren't seeing this screen every day, you need to get on it!

While I'm sure it's possible to pass the exam without using Marketo on a regular basis, it wouldn't be the easiest way. As with anything, the best way to learn is through doing.

2) Use the Marketo Preparation Guide マルケト勉強ガイドを読もう!

Marketo provides a preparation guide that goes over topics to cover when studying.
Some users only have access to certain parts within Marketo due to their user role. Do ensure you cover all the topics within the preparation guide, especially about functionality that you do not typically use, as all topics are touched upon at some point in the exam.
Areas of note include basic administration (since most users won't actually have access to it) and the Marketing Calendar (a newish feature that I haven't seen in a Japanese installation, which certainly gave me a couple of problems in the exam).

3) Take the Marketo Practice Exam マルケトの練習試験を受けよう!

Another very useful tool is the Marketo Practice Exam. I would consider taking this before doing any revision at all so you know your weaknesses, but try not to remember the answers so you can test yourself again later to gauge how far you've come!
The Practice Exam is a very useful tool, but I have heard stories of some people taking it over and over again, 
seeing an improvement and then failing the actual exam. Retaking the same exam will improve your score for the exam, but not your overall knowledge of Marketo!

4) Be active in Marketo communites such as JMUG (Japan Marketo User Group)


For Japanese Marketo enthusiasts that struggle with English, it would be a good idea to take an active role in the Japan Marketo User Group (JMUG). This community helps Marketo users to resolve any issues they may be experiencing, and provide advice on best practices, so it's a good way to gain a deeper understanding of how Marketo works.

Group Name  Details 
JMUG (Japan Marketo User Group) The official community forum in Japan, accessible via your Marketo login. Use this place to ask questions if you get stuck, or  
MarMarke A working group in Japan that provides best practices for how to generate the most profit from your Marketo installation.
TECKET Similar to MarMarke, this group also provides information on how best to use Marketo. They also focus on building Marketo master frameworks that can be shared among members to get away some of the manual setup at the beginning.




5) Take an official workshop

Marketo Japan also appears to host a workshop for taking the Marketo Certifed Exam. The price has been reduced to 40,000 JPY per person until the end of 2016. 


Click here to visit the workshop introduction page

However you decide to prepare for your exam, I wish you the best of luck!